Joseph P. Firmage


Science Invents LLC

Salt Lake City, Utah United States of America
Science Invents is an Innovation Incubation company, organized as a holding company for new capital to scale up its two primary related Operating Companies, Motion Physics and ManyOne.

Professional Background

2009 – Current: Founder and CEO,

  1. Motion Physics mission is to discover the nature of inertia and gravitation, and thus enable an entirely new means for any machine that moves to obtain thrust directly from the medium of Space directly. We have built and tested nine generations of test devices costing over $6M, and based on our results we believe we have made a fundamental discovery in physics. More generally Motion Physics’ mission is to conduct Advanced R&D on New Physics by focusing on theoretical experimental studies at the leading edge of electrodynamics (classical and quantum), new understandings of GR and QM theories via ZPE/ZPF, vacuum field structure, superfluid and polarizable medium interpretations thereof; several dozen substantive experiments either created internally or evaluated from a “sifting process” of submissions of third party developed devices alleged to produce anomalous energy and/or propulsion effects; several significant peer-reviewed papers published by the teams, conferences and discussion groups spanning the United States and Europe accomplished. Over 50 proposed experiments from various sources conducted, including a small but very focused and private advanced materials science operation, studying the nature and properties of metallic atoms in superdeformed states, as they may relate to breakthrough materials, clean energy and propulsion technologies.

2002 — Current, Founder and CEO, ManyOne

  1. 2002 — Current: ManyOne provides an easy way for people and businesses, at all scales, to build their own sites and soon apps quickly, and engage as clients swiftly. Coming to be known as USWeb/CKS 2.0, ManyOne aims to train over 7,000 experts spanning the globe already connected, and make “ManyOne Certified Internet Consultant. See and for more detailed information.
  2. 1998 – 2001: Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Intend Change Group produced several success in tough market times. An experienced “venture architecture” team raised $250 million from major Venture Capital Partnerships for half a dozen select projects, including:
    1. OneCosmos Network (now part of ManyOne), a pioneering (as-yetunreleased) Internet education and navigation front-end & back-end “3D Rich Media” platform, encompassing also the creation of Cosmos Studios in partnership with the Carl Sagan Foundation; major partnerships included OVEN Digital (design and engineering), American Association for the Advancement of Science, United Nations University for Peace, the Planetary Society and UC Berkeley’s SETI@Home Project; Funded the development and test launch, via the Planetary Society, NASA and counter-parties in Russia of the world’s first “Solar Sail”, through the conversion of a sub-launched ballistic missile, replacing a nuclear warhead with “CosmosOne”, the spacecraft; Funded and Co-Executive Produced the Millennium Edition of Carl Sagan’s historic, Emmy Award-winning PBS television series, COSMOS, on DVD, in 7 languages; later evolved to become (social content and communications platform; platform now operating as and (expert content stewardship network spanning more than 1300 scientists in more than 60 nations);
    2. Electron Economy, developer of the initial version of the “InternetTONE”, or Internet Transaction Operations Network; InternetTONE offered a universal XML transaction protocol, linking raw suppliers, intermediate manufacturers, downstream distribution networks, retail store fronts and physical delivery partners such as the US Postal Service, UPS, Federal Express and others; recruited the President of Federal Express Canada to lead the enterprise, which among other engagements helped to launch the Sony Playstation 2 online; acquired by SoftBank portfolio company Viewlocity Inc. in 2001 for an undisclosed sum;
    3. Invesmart, a pioneer in the shift from offline to online 401k and other retirement-related financial services; acquired dozens of regional retirement planning services companies accumulating consolidated administration of more than $2 billion in assets under management; acquired by StanCorp in 2006 for $85 million, providing an 8-figure return to its stakeholders;
    4. Infrastructure Defense, D.C.-based a pioneer of technical and operational security innovations designed to detect and prevent intended attacks or unintended events from disabling critical IT infrastructure across the Internet; successor acquired by VeriSign for $40 million in 2006 with a substantial return to its stakeholders.

1995 – 1999: Co-Founder and CEO, then CSO in 1999 ofUSWeb Corporation; Led the creation of the world’s largest Internet consulting enterprise, with over 2,500 experts spanning 10 countries by 1998, serving more than 50% of the Fortune 100 globally by the end of 1999. Clients included the World Economic Forum (constructing their Private Video Conferencing System for leaders of governments, NGOs and corporations globally), Dell, Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, CNN, Sony, Warner Records, American Express, Harley Davidson, Chevron, Barnes and Noble, RiteAid, Levi Strauss and scores of others. Led the acquisition of more than 35 companies around the world, culminating in 1998 with the launch of an Advanced VoIP Practice in Manhattan serving major telcos in their migration to IP-based voice and video services, and USWeb Electronic Services in a joint venture with Microsoft and Intel, later assisting in laying the groundwork for Microsoft’s .Net Application Service Provider/Platform (ASP) strategy.

1993 – 1995: Vice President, Strategic Planning, Network Systems Group, Novell Inc.; Responsible for AppWare Developer Tools Division initially, and then strategic planning for merging the acquired AT&T Bell Labs’ UNIX System V with NetWare 4, to create a 64-bit Intel-based, TCP-IP native Spec1170 compliant Universal Server Operating System incorporating NetWare Directory and Security Management Services.

1989 – 1993: Founder, CEO and CTO, Serius Corporation, a pioneer of crossplatform “desktop programming” tools, via visual object-oriented programming system, enabling users to create their own world-class applications in minutes instead of months; major clients included: Intermetrics (now part of L3 Communications), U.S. Naval Warfare Command, U.S. Air Force, CNN, Ernst & Young; personally responsible for writing more than a quarter million lines of the founding Pascal source code base for the initial Macintosh OS version of the development and runtime systems, ported to MS Windows by 1992.

1985 – 1987: Assistant Manager, Computer Accounting and Maintenance Services (CAAMS), a Utah-based four-site computer large account and retail sales, finance and maintenance company; large customers included Hill Air Force Base north of Salt Lake City.

1984 – 1985: Assistant Manager, Chaparral Photo, lab processing for small and large format film and print development.

Interviews and Essays

1989 – Present: Appearances and interviews include PBS, BBC Hardtalk, CNN, NBC Dateline, Forbes ASAP, USA Today, CNET, Salon, Business 2.0, San Jose Mercury News, and a host of others.

Publications and Films

1998 – 1999: The Truth (~400 pages), an online book as a collection of essays by myself and approximately 15 other experts regarding the research and analysis of the intersection of 20th – 21st century civilization, and the global rise in appearance of “unidentified flying objects” (UFOs) over the past 70 years; historical, present and future implications science, spirituality and society were addressed; taken down for editing and re-release in mid-2012.

2000: Co-Executive Producer to (mainly just to provide advice and fundraising support; it’s impossible to do better than Carl Sagan and...) Ann Druyan, the Millennium DVD Edition of COSMOS, by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan; the epic 13-hour Emmy Award-winning PBS television series, watched by more than 600 million people in the past 30 years.

November 2012: Revolutions in Physics (~250 pages), XLibris Press, Book I of a trilogy titled 2050; Revolutions in Physics is a sweeping history of the development of concepts of space, time, mass and force through the ages; it then culminates in a robust and courageous exploration of the emergent view that “space-time” is actually a highly potent energetic medium, capable of supporting entirely new classes of energy, propulsion, communications and health sciences technologies.

December 2011: Evolving Economics (~200 pages), XLibris Press, Book II of a trilogy titled 2050; Evolving Economics is an equally broad historical study of the emergence of neoliberal capitalism in the 20th century; it explores the crises of capitalism and culminates with a 100-year vision of the economy of a more sustainable, egalitarian, and libertarian civilization, one compatible with transformative possibilities glimpsed in Revolutions in Physics.

June 2012: 2050: A Day In The Life Of Your Future (~200 pages), XLibris Press, Book III of the trilogy, is intended to be a thrilling... [More to come later...]

Philanthropic Activities

1999: Founding Financial Sponsor, $1 million, the Carl Sagan Foundation (, whose missions is to awaken people to the soaring spiritual high achieved in understanding the central revelation found through the practice of excellent science: our oneness with the Cosmos; first project: remaking the top floor of a new Children’s Hospital in the Bronx, New York, into a place fit for healing very, very sick children: all the walls ceilings and floors covered with images of the world and universe around them; no white sterility, just Nature’s beauty (and still sterile ).

1999: Founding Financial Sponsor, $1 million the Integral Institute (http://, founded by world-renowned philosopher Ken Wilber; Wilber’s unmatchable intellect and heart infuse the most prodigious works of ontology and epistemology published in the modern era; the Institute plays a continuing role in bringing together the world’s brightest minds to explore the biggest ideas we know.

1999: Sponsor, $1.25 million, Arlington Institute (, founded by world-renowned futurist, John L. Petersen; Petersen brings decades of experience across government, military, NGO, and corporate communities with a focus on the mission critical discipline of scenario planning; Arlington focuses on convening groups and assisting organizations in scenario planning particularly in the face of the “singularity” in human affairs apparent everywhere at the turn of the millennium.

2000: Financial Sponsor and Member of the Board of Directors, Infrastructure Defense, Led by James Adams, former Chief Executive Officer of United Press International; to aid in the creation of one of the first organizations to establish early warming detection alerts and remediation systems to protect Internet-based critical communications infrastructure and networked applications operating on it.

2000: Sponsor, $250,000, The Dalai Lama Foundation and Dharmsala-based Internet infrastructure, connecting the Tibetan government-in-exile and His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the first time to satellite Internet connectivity and developing one of their first Web sites, to enable high- bandwidth communications.

2000: Financial Sponsor, $1 million the State of the World Forum Millennium Conference in New York City, bringing together nearly 1,000 NGO, Corporate and Government leaders from around the world to discuss and strategize on ways and means to improve the state of our world.

1998 – 2001: Founding Sponsor, $12 million, ISSO, CIPA, LGMSL and other advanced physics research programs described above, seeking breakthroughs required for a stable, thriving civilization in decades and centuries to come; focus on materials sciences, inertial/gravitational propulsion, and clean energy.

Educational Background

1986 – 1988: Olympus High School, AP in Chemistry and Computer Science, (and Yearbook Photographer – fun!).

1987 – 1988: Awarded C.N. Yang Academic Physics Scholarship, University of Utah, specializing in Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, Bioethics, Social Science and Philosophy.


2009: Integrity in Physics Award, Integrity Research Institute

1998: Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Ernst & Young

1987: C.N. Yang Academic Physics Scholar, University of Utah College of Physics

1985: Le Meilleur Eleve de la 2 Me Annee, Olympus Jr. High School

1985: Outstanding Science Student, Stucki Award, Olympus Jr. High School

1984: Outstanding Science Student (2nd place), Stucki Award, Olympus Jr. High School

1982: Hope of America Award, Holladay Elementary

Other Interests

Learning, engineering, filmmaking, SCUBA diving, boating, hiking, Family